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Overall Rating: 94.36%
Average Rating: 9.44/10
This was the first time I ordered anything from MoparAmerica. I live in Canada and wanted to order a bed step for my 2020 Ram 1500. The price up here is $599.00 plus taxes which would have been $676.87 total. I was told it would be a week to arrive. I looked online and found your price was $288.00 US ... crazy cheap compared to here. Funny thing is the bed step is made in Canada.

Any way I ordered it and even with shipping and fees at border the cost was far cheaper. I saved over $160.00 dollars Canadian ordering through MoparAmerica.
I was also amazed at the speed of delivery, ordered on Aug 4, 2020 was at my house Aug 6, 2020. Faster then ordering from my local dealer and cheaper.
Keep up the good work!!! I will definitely use MoparAmerica again if I need any other truck parts.
Dave M, London, Ontario, Canada
Easy to order and super fast delivery to Australia (hunter region NSW)
Parts work out cheaper them trying to source from local Jeep dealer.
It only 8 days from the states is amazing (email update said to allow a few extra days as it was a special order.
Rarely do I get packages from Melbourne or Sydney faster then that.
Awesome job Mopar America.
First time we have used your site, couldn't be happier. Excellent service , great price.
We could track our parcel easily, postage was quicker than within Australia.
Certainly will be using you again for parts for our Dodge Ram.
Keep up the good work.
Judy Roney
Great service and communication
Products cheaper and delivered quicker than I can get in Australia ! "Melbourne to Sydney"
Keep up the great work Guys
I am spreading the word to buy From MoparAmerica !!
John Senior, Australia
Simple order for '03 Ram diesel: 11 dashboard "cluster light bulb" and brake light switch. Damaged goods. The light bulbs are smaller than xmas tree lights or any other OEM bulbs. All 11 bulbs were thrown in the OEM brake light box and then placed in another box for shipping. NO bubble wrap around the loose bulbs or the OEM box into the shipping box. 2 bulbs were broken and the switch upon opening the OEM box had a chipped button, oil smudge prints, the plastic sleeve to mount to the metal truck attachment was chewed up and the Level Switch was @ 90 deg., not 45 deg. Used switch. There response, "Our parts are brand new and come straight from Chrysler, sometimes these parts are received by us not in boxes (??) therefore we have to physically touch them to re package them to our customers, this may induce finger prints as such that can't be resolved by wiping the part down with a small rag".

Total B.S. Order was all fragile electrical components. Bulbs could have been wrapped in tissue paper, wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed in shipping box with OEM brake light. There's a whole lot of OEM parts stores on the internet. This simple order was filled by an idiot.

Response from MoparAmerica,

Thanks for your feed back the person that was the shipping clerk no longer works for us. We have new processes to stop this kind of negligence and idiotic practices. If by chance you feel that we deserve a second chance I promise the service that your receive will be miles above your horrible first experience.
Gary L.

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