Top 5 Dodge Charger SRT8 Parts Upgrades

1. Dodge Charger Car Covers

When you tuck your ride in for the night, make sure she stays protected from the elements under a Mopar Dodge Charger car cover. It keeps her paint scratch free, protected from the elements and shiny.

2. Dodge Charger Air Intake Systems

The getup and growl of your dreams is at your fingertips with a Dodge Charger cold air intake on your engine. Not only does it give your ride a power boost, but a fuel economy boost as well.

3. Dodge Charger Exhaust Components

Don't keep your Charger locked down. Unleash the power hidden under your hood with Dodge Charger exhaust components from Mopar. Not only do they add extra flare to your engine, but to your gas pedal too.

4. Dodge Charger Engine Parts

Need replacement parts for the engine of your Dodge Charger? Look no further than right here at MoparAmerica.

5. Dodge Charger Shocks & Struts (rear suspension)

Swap out those worn shocks and struts for a brand new set of performance Dodge Charger shocks & struts from Mopar. These babies keep your muscle car level and easy to handle, even around the tightest turns.