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Jeep Wrangler "JK" (2007-Present)

The JK era Wranglers have come a long way and represent a complete redesign of the Wrangler from head to toe. This platform is wider than the TJ it replaced and offered a host of additional comforts and technologies but still maintains front and rear straight axle design that we love for off-road use.

The JK features Chrysler’s 3.8 and 3.6 V6 engines as well as a VM Motori diesel four cylinder. The track was increased by 3.4” and the wheelbase was increased by two inches over the previous TJ model to aid in improved interior room and ride comfort. The JK Wrangler has stability control, anti-locking brakes, traction control, and an optional electronic limited slip differential making it a fully modern SUV capable of daily use in the worst environments. Electric swaybar disconnect is also available on Rubicon models.