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RAM Trucks began as a division of Dodge but was separated to become its own line in 2011. Still part of the Chrysler offerings, RAM has proven its ability to stand alone as a brand. One of the reason for the company change is to allow RAM to focus on truck buyers who use their trucks for every day work. RAM trucks provide style along with hauling capacity and pulling power. They are built for hard work.

By becoming their own brand name, RAM Trucks are able to have a dedicated design team to make sure they meet the standards of serious truck shoppers. In 2014 long time Chrysler employee, Robert Hegbloom was named director of the Ram Truck brand. Having been an employee of Chrysler since 1986, he seemed like the perfect choice to carry on the company’s dedication to quality and style.

Though they may have a space all to their own, RAM trucks are and will always be Dodge. The company makes sure to remember this by keeping the Dodge emblem as the emblem for RAM trucks.


RAM 1500

In general the Dodge RAM has an enormous number of choices and options. If you are planning on buying a RAM 1500 then plan on taking your time. To begin the cab has 3 different styles; the Regular Cab, Quad Cab, and new Mega Cab. The Regular Cab only has the front bench seat while the Quad Cab has a back seat. Still bigger yet, the Mega Cab has the largest back seat of any pickup truck on the market. However, the Mega Cab is only available in basic trim options.

The major recent model available for reliability ratings, the 2003 version, was given a Green rating in all major categories by Automotive Information Systems. A Green rating signifies "Minimal Problems," and the categories inspected include Engine, Transmission, and Accessories, among others.

RAM 3500

The RAM 3500 set a new bar for full size trucks. The 3500 offers 3 cab configurations and trim levels ranging from basic to luxury. A 6.7-liter Cummins turbo-diesel powers the 3500 as standard equipment.

Taking design inspiration from big rigs, the 3500 is as close as you can get to a freight liner but with interior options that make it a far better ride. With all of the power and toughness, the 3500 also gives an enjoyable ride.