Technology and Safety Accessories for 2014 Dodge Dart

Cell Phone Charger (In-Vehicle Wireless Charging)

The charging units easily install in the vehicle providing a built-in charging grid that is activated when a Smartphone device is placed on the pad. The unit begins to charge when the vehicle is started. A phone case, specifically designed for a variety of smartphones, is required and included in the price. This part is currently available for iPhone 4/4s and Samsung Galaxy III, however a Universal Micro USB Adapter is also available to charge many other devices.

Uconnect Phone, Bluetooth® Wireless Hands-Free II

Hands-Free calling and a iPod Integration in one! Uconnect phone is the exclusive voice-activated, hands-free, in-vehicle communications system utilizing Bluetooth technology enabling your wireless phone to connect to your vehicle without wires or a docking station. Uconnect phone allows you to dial your wireless phone through simple voice commands. 

In addition to Hands-free calling, this kit provides the ability to connect your i-pod to your vehicle`s audio system. Simply plug your iPod into the custom cable located in the glove box or center console and you`re ready to go. iPod integration means you can navigate your iPod through your radio controls. With this simple plug and play hook up, your iPod stays securely attached, out of view, and continually charging. It encourages safe vehicle operation and doesn`t compromise driver control.

Internet for the Vehicle, Mopar Web (Wi-Fi Hotspot)

Today, many phone owners are contending with metered connections, and going over your bandwidth cap means more charges that you don't want. Mopar Web turns your vehicle into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing every passenger in your vehicle to harness the power and entertainment value of the Internet at the same time. It’s easy for the whole family to use and does not require software, however a subscription is required to enable internet connectivity.

Roadside Safety Kit (Including Tire Inflation)

Being stuck on the side of the road, or even worse out in a rural area, with a flat tire is not a good feeling. With a Mopar Roadside Safety Kit, you'll be prepared for the worst. These kits are equipped with several handy tools to help you be ready for those unexpected roadside emergencies. The Emergency Tire Inflator Kit includes a tire compressor and tire sealant canister assembled in a single unit so you can put patch up your tire, pump air into it, and get back on the road.